Toy Story 4 Mini Movie Review (Spoilers)

      Wow. This is one of the best animated movies of all time. Not by the story but by the animation. It was so smooth and it looked realistic at times and it was really perfect. However, the story does have some flaws.

 Gabby Gabby was a good enough “villain”. Her motivations were clear enough and made the audience connect to her in some way. When Woody gave her the voice box, I thought it would be more of a sad scene but it wasn’t. The movie didn’t make me feel enough to actually care so much about that happening.  Bo Peep returning was good, as she provided a different view than what other toys see. Her arc and overall character was good on screen.

The rest of the characters getting to be secondary is not good in my opinion. I would have much rather liked for them to play a bigger role, especially since it’ll be the last time we see them on screen. Although I guess it was more of Woody’s story. Forky was good comic relief and a  good character and he really seemed to have a big arc in this movie.

The Ending in my opinion was not good. I would have liked the entire gang back together instead of Woody Leaving. I just feel like that would have made the story more complete and feel more rewarding to the viewer. I was underwhelmed by the ending and it did not feel satisfying at all. 

Overall I would say it’s an enjoyable watch. 8/10 because of some of the flaws and the ending.  


 Akshaj Mehta

7/14/19 -