The Demon Slayer

Chapter 1

Even before Kayla sprained her foot she was having a rough day. Her nemesis Jeremy Rogers had teased her so much that she had snapped, and her actions, (punching him) had sent her to the principal’s office. Now, at gymnastics while doing a back handspring, she tripped and sprained her foot. Yeesh, talk about a bad day.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Kayla’s gymnastics coach, Mia Hudson.

“Is it as bad as it feels?”

“Possibly even worse.”

“How about I walk you home?” Mia asked. “Nope. It’s okay.” Kayla replied “It’s just across the street and you shouldn’t be going anywhere because of your back.” 

As she hobbled down the street, Kayla’s wondered why was today so bad. Click! Went the keys as Kayla opened the door to her Victorian style house. “Hey mom! I sprained my foot today.” But instead of hearing her mother’s sweet charming voice, she heard a fierce growling sound. Kayla immediately whipped around and what she saw took her breath away: A weird girl looking thing with fangs dripping red rust colored liquid in the ground. Kayla knew immediately this thing was called an empousa and was a Greek demon. Kayla limped into the kitchen and grabbed two big butcher knives. She swiped them at the demon’s head. The demon ducked and shrieked: “Oh my gosh! How could you kill your gymnastics teacher! How disrespectful” “Is that you Mia?” Kayla yelled back. “Yes. It is me. My new lord has given me orders for killing you. I like you, I really do! Unfortunately I just like the idea of gold and jewels more.”

Little did Mia know, Kayla asked if the demon was Mia just to buy some time. Even now, Kayla tried to stab Mia and fortunately this time her knife hit the target. Mia exploded in a cloud of foul smelling acid-like monster dust with a final shriek.

“Hey honey, why are you holding knives?” Kayla’s mom gasped as she came in through the open door and into the kitchen. Kayla jumped. “Um maybe…for no particular reason?” Kayla’s answer sounded like a question even to her. Kayla had no idea what was going on so she told her mom everything. Her mom sat down at the table and looked at Kayla in silence. She pulled out her phone and dialed Kayla’s dad’s number.

It rang a few times and then Kayla’s dad’s cheery voice came out, “Hey Rebecca. What’s up? Kayla’s mother replied: “Richard…you need to tell Kayla about her real mom. Not her stepmother.” There were a few seconds of silence. Then Kayla’s dad said in a wary voice, “Huh…wow umm I’ll…just meet you guys at thee warehouse on 17th Avenue. Oh and Kayla? Tell me everything.

Chapter 2

“Okay so…my “mom” is actually my stepmom and my real mom is a Greek goddess?” Kayla snickered, “That’s about as hard to believe as a cow is a pigeon.” “No seriously honey, I even have a coin that has an owl on it. It has the power to call your mother, who by the way is Athena to come here. So I am going to flip the coin and then Athena will come here. It only has the power to call her once, so I waited until the time was right.” Kayla’s dad said all of this in about…two breaths. So Kayla’s dad flipped the coin and told Kayla and her “mom” to close their eyes, so they did and a white, bright light shone. 

When Kayla opened her eyes, she saw a regal woman in white robes. She had a piece of toast with scrambled eggs on top and it was halfway to the top. The creepy woman looked quite startled but regained her posture after a few seconds. She looked around the room and then her eyes landed on Kayla she said, “My daughter, my name is Athena, goddess of wisdom and many other things” Kayla stared at “Athena” and her jaw dropped. Athena might not be real! As Kayla was thinking this, Athena looked at her and smiled, “I’m quite real Kayla.”

Chapter 3

“Okay so somebody is trying to kill me and I need to get a weapon to save myself?  Kayla asked Athena. “Well…yes I’ll give you a weapon but you’ll also need to use your wits. That’s what a child of mine does.”  Athena replied. “You will need to be courageous and strong.” Athena walked forward from her spot in the room, and with a swish of her hands, produced a dagger from the billowy folds of her gown. “This dagger’s name is Striker as it strikes with absolute accuracy. I was watching you from Mt. Olympus. I will make you go to sleep and when you wake up you will be safe” With those final words Athena disappeared from this end of the world, appearing on Mt. Olympus

Chapter 4

As Kayla opened her eyes for the first time since meeting Athena she thought about what had happened last night. Then she thought about her mom and dad. “Oh no! What if something happens to them! Where even are they?” She said to herself...she was lost in her world of thinking so Kayla didn’t hear someone walk into the room. It wasn’t until that person introduced herself that Kayla looked up. “Hello sweetie. My name is Leto, mother of the fantastic twin archers Artemis and Apollo. But you don’t have to call me that. You can just call me Auntie Le. Kayla looked stunned for a moment but Leto just laughed and repeated what she had said just a moment ago.

After the introductions were made and the chores were done, Auntie Le and Kayla went into the dining room, carrying big heavy bowls of delicious, steamy, aromatic food. “Why is there so much food?’ asked Kayla. “’ll see.”  Leto replied. And indeed Kayla did see. A bunch of beautiful animals poured out of a decorative vase that Kayla had thought was just know, decoration! A purple giraffe, an elephant that sprayed crystal-like water, a jeweled ostrich and a gryphon were just some of them. All of the animals jumped and turned their way towards the food. After the animals had ate and filled their bellies, gone back into the vase, Kayla and Auntie Le sat down to eat. “Everything is delicious!” said Kayla to Auntie Le. “Thank you so much darling. Your mom, by that I mean Athena told me that you like avocados. So I made everything made with avocados!”

That night Kayla met her maids, Lucy, Katrina and Shanti. They stayed up late laughing and joking and telling each other secrets. Lucy was from Wisconsin and lived with her grandma and mom. Katrina was from Puerto Rico, had 3 brothers, plus the greatest farm in South Dakota, which Katrina now lived in. Shanti was the quietest but the best.

Shanti’s parents had been the king and queen of a hidden kingdom to the south of India, called Kanarda. The king’s evil advisor had taken the kingdom and killed Shanti’s twin sister and mom. Now Shanti and her dad were on the run from the new king of Kanarda, After all the fun was over, Auntie Le poked her head inside and said it was time to go to sleep because tomorrow, Kayla would start her training. After her maids left, Kayla stayed awake for a long time, thinking about today, and unfortunately fell asleep just before creepy face leered at her from outside her window. A titan.

Chapter 5:

That morning Kayla immediately got started for her training. The first thing she did was: Learn How to Manipulate the Enemy. Kayla took this class first because she was a daughter of Athena. Kayla didn’t understand why using your brain to trick people was more important than sword fighting. Auntie Le said that because of who Kayla’s real mom was, she would adapt more comfortably to trickery and using words. Even though Kayla was Athena’s daughter, her favorite class was History. Kayla couldn’t take her mind off of that subject even if it killed her. Kayla asked questions about history all day long. It turned into weeks and weeks of History!

After months and months of training, Kayla was finally ready to battle the “lord”. Before Kayla left she had to be given one final test to prove herself and oh boy, Kayla was ready. She had been excited all day. Now as Kayla entered the auditorium where she was going to be given the test, she saw a titan, the same one which had been outside er room, the very first night she had been there. It was the titan Atlas. He had been found and taken into custody on the 2nd day of Kayla’s stay. Atlas was the advisor to the “lord” and Kayla was going to be battling him.

Chapter 6:

“Ha, you puny human! You know nothing about me! I am the real lord. This time I serve no one, and no one can stop me!” Atlas yelled. “Yeah, we’ll see if I can kill you or not. I think I can.” Kayla said right back. “I may be small but I am really fast.”Atlas looked taken back. He regained his composure. “Then,” he said, “Let’s begin the duel shall we? 

Atlas moved first. He struck her with his sword but she tumbled out of the way. Her gymnastics training had really paid off. Next, Kayla jabbed at Atlas who took long strides all the way to the back of the arena. Then she bounced off the walls, jumping on his back and somersaulting to hit his crotch. It worked. He ran howling for his mommy while Kayla jumped to finish him. Even though Atlas was hurt he could fight pretty well. Kayla had assumed he would fight quite badly so was surprised when he tripped her and she fell, tasting blood everywhere. “Are you okay?” Atlas asked in a familiar gentle voice. Kayla looked to the bleachers, saw that Auntie Le wasn’t there and put two and two together. Auntie Le is not here. Atlas asking if I’m okay. Auntie Leto being one of the best titan sword fighters. Kayla jumped up now knowing what to do when an fresh burst of energy held her up. She grabbed a bow and arrow and a smile came to “Atlas’s” face. Now Kayla shot the arrow and surprisingly, the arrow met it’s mark. Then Kayla had a sudden thought. What if she was actually Apoll- but no that was silly. She was Athena’s daughter. Leto was lying on the floor but when Kayla kissed her on the cheek got up. She reverted back to her original form. “How did you do that?” asked Auntie Le in awe. “It’s a long story.” Kayla replied “I’ll tell you after a quick nap.”

That night everyone listened as Kayla told the story. Auntie Le laughed when Kayla told her about how she recognized her. Kayla almost even told Leto that she kind of though that Apollo was her father. 

When Kayla went to bed she fell asleep instantly. Absolutely nothing to worry about.

There was just love in Kayla’s mind at that moment

End of Book 1


Aabha Ranade

Aabha is 10 years old and is a budding storyteller and also loves to write poetry. 

4th Grade - Star Academy

Published 1/5/2019 -