Summer Writing Contest

Every 2 weeks, a contest will be hosted to awaken everyone's inner writing self and inspire others.  

The Guidelines are :

¨ Participants should be between 8 years—14 years of age .

¨ Each piece of writing (Story) should be in accordance to the Theme of the week and should be no more than 400 words.

¨ Top 3 stories will get published on the website & winner will receive one of my Published book of his/her choice.

¨ Each Participant will receive a Certificate

This weeks theme is The Future Is Now: Write a story where the main plot contains the main character waking up to a future world.

Deadline: Sunday June 18th

If you want to get a head start on next weeks theme, it Movie Critique: Write a movie review not listed already in the website.

Deadline June 31

Email To Submit Work:

Good Luck And Have Fun!