Megamind Movie Review


Megamind: A very interesting and great main character. From an audience's point of view you could see where his intentions come from and his character arc is also a nice addition to the character. His lines were good and his action sequences were surprisingly well. His plan to create a hero was also a very interesting plot.

Minion: A very good character. I liked his scene with Megamind and his story too. He made the audience care for him with his lines and overall actions. His actions scenes were great too. Him being skeptical about Megamind’s plan was also a good contrast and when he left was a interesting part in the story

Roxanne Richie: A very thought out character. She has a very good character arc and her scenes with Megamind and Minion were great. Her awkward scenes with Hal was also good and made it feel realistic.

Hal: A nerdy and realistic character. His scenes overall were good and the way he became Tighten was interesting. When he is Tighten is a little better than when he is Hal.

Tighten: A ups and downs character. His motives were sometimes unclear to the viewer but his scenes interacting with Roxanne felt really realistic and his action scenes were good. But it was sort of cliche with relating to his character toward the end of the movie. 

Metro Man: A cliche character which is what I hope they were going for. When I first watched this movie I thought he actually died in the beginning and his motives were also sometimes unclear. And when he was alive towards the end of the movie was not a good addition and I would have liked it more if he was more of a mentor character not a musician. 

Plot: A rollercoaster ride of action, romance, and character development. The overall reason why Megamind created Tighten made sense and the way he got destroyed also made sense. Most of the plot was clear and I could not make out any plot holes. I liked most of the action and the romance choices also made sense. The ending was good and it left the watcher wanting more.

Overall: A solid 8/10 for it’s plot and action as well as it’s good character development in the movie for the most part. I would recommend it to any movie goer if they have not seen it yet.


Akshaj Mehta -

Published on 2/2/19