Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Review

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Review

Spoilers! This is all my opinion!!


Owen Grady: A good character. His lines were good and nothing was too forced. It was a good continuation of his character from the previous movie. The action he was involved in was pretty good. His humor was also enjoyable at times but out of place at parts.

Claire Dearing: She was also a good character. The humor was enjoyable for her too but also sometimes out of place. Her action scenes were good as well. Her mindset changing about the dinosaurs was really fast and I wanted it to be a little more drawn out with her making the transition. 

Eli Mills: An interesting character. I would have wanted a little more backstory but the way it is now is fine. His motivation was a little bit underwhelming with the greed of money and it would have been better with some a little more something that the audience can connect too/see where he is coming from.

Ken Wheatley: A very annoying character. I applaud the actor for giving him such annoyance in the movie as he is supposed to be. A good plot twist when they were tracking down Blue and it was sort of unexpected but nevertheless good. 

Dr. Wu: A good character and I am happy to see him return. I liked his storyline and his scenes with the dinosaurs and just in general. He does have the same characteristics like he did in the previous movies which is good so that there is consistency. 

Franklin Web: A funny side character. His scenes were also nice but his screaming was just terrible. I liked who he was deathly afraid of dinosaurs and the bug spray scene. His scenes with Claire and Zia were good.

Zia Rodriguez: A funny and great side character. Her scenes were also nice and her knowledge about dinosaurs were cool. I liked her interactions with the other men when they were hunting Blue.


The Indo Raptor: Wow. An incredible CGI masterpiece. The scenes were great and a thrill to watch in the theater with surround sound. Sure it is a little old with the whole creating a new dinosaur thing but the action was great. This is what made up most of the eye candy. The fight with Blue kept the audience at the edge of their seats and was incredible. I liked the use of real props in this movie too to make it a look just a little more realistic. Him/Her falling down onto the triceratops skull was a great way for it to die.

T-Rex: The opening sequence with him was great. It was also thrilling to watch with the ominous music. I do wish he/she had more screen time.

Blue: Also a good dinosaur. The action scenes were great too but sort of repetitive. Her interactions with the humans also felt realistic to if dinosaurs actually still existed.

Overall: It was a good movie with great characters and cgi but the plotline was a little on the weak side. The ending I thought was just stupid how Maisie released the dinosaurs into the open when she said, their like herself. The after credit scene left nothing to be desired in the next film with pteranodons flying around some building. 7.5/10. The cgi was great and so were the characters but the plot and the ending left a sour taste in my mouth leaving the theater. For people who want to dinosaurs fighting it’s a great movie and for people who want a thrill ride, I would recommend it. 


Akshaj Mehta

Published 1/19/19 - writetolead.com