The Incredibles 2


Mr. Incredible: A great character with great lines. I especially liked his parts dealing with the kids, as it can be interpreted many ways among different ages of audiences. It was a nice change of pace during these scenes. Many people got a few good laughs out of him.

Dash: A great character as well. He has very similar characteristics to the one from the previous movie which is good. His lines were great and so was his action scenes.

Violet: A great character and accurate depiction of her age. Her actions were great and her lines were interesting but funny.

Elastigirl: A very action packed character. Her scenes were nice and lines were good 

and I also liked the change from the previous movie where she does more of the super heroing.

Jack-Jack: A funny character. His baby voice was spot on and his scenes were great. HIs many powers did not make sense to me too much and I would have wanted it to be explained a little more.

Frozone: An INCREDIBLE character and well worth the wait for 14 years. His action was ok and I wanted more screen time with him, but Samuel L Jackson did a great job and his lines were funny as well. His wife was funny too.

Eveyln: Wow. A very intresting reveal. Her motivations were sort of cliche yet I liked how everything matched up and plot holes were limited. Her being screenslaver was definetly a turn I did not see coming as I thought Winston was going to be him. Her lines were especially interesting dropping hints she was evil the whole time. Her final battle with Elastigirl was great too.

Winston: A very good fake lead for the screenslaver and his motivations also made sense. His scenes and lines were good, but mostly just an average character with nothing exciting going on.

The Rest of the Supers: A good plot point to the movie and made up most of the good Action Scenes. Would’ve liked to see more of them but of how much is there is fine. 

Verdict: A good plot with good character development, but not worth a lot of the hype in my opinion. Would’ve liked to see more screen time of more characters but everything else i pretty good. Solid 8.7/10 and would recommend to any movie goer or animated fan.


Akshaj Mehta -

Published on 2/9/19