Harry Potter 1-2 Books Review

This review will be split into three parts, the first containing a review for books 1-2 and the next containing review 3-4 and then 5-7 

Be Warned! There are Spoilers!!!

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone: 

A pretty good starting book. Has a lot of good description throughout and makes the reader stay engaged and interested throughout. I also really liked the parts when he was at home with the Dursleys. I enjoyed that because of how spoiled J.K Rowling made Dudley and how horrid she made Vernon and Petunia. The part where Harry finds out he is a wizard from Hagrid was great and it was not expected at all.

Hogwarts was just incredible. It made you picture the greatness of the castle, the exhilaration playing Quidditch and the grandness of the Great Hall. As been to the theme park it does do the books justice. Harry’s interaction with the rest of the characters are genuine and they have some interesting dialogue together. I particularly enjoyed the dialogue with Severus Snape and Harry as well as Dumbledore with Harry. Hermione and Ron were also good characters. They helped Harry a lot in this book which I enjoyed from other “side” characters. 

I also liked the twists and turns this book has. I felt that the Invisibility cloak was too overpowered and Harry should have only certain times where he can use it. Quidditch was a fun sport to read about especially with its rules and objective. I felt like quidditch was a little better portrayed in the movie. The final climax was pretty good too. The 3 trials and the final battle were really fun to read even though you knew no consequences would come out of it. Besides Quirells “death”. Solid 8/10 I would definitely read it again.

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets:

By far my favorite Harry Potter book in the entire series. The reveal of Tom Riddle was great. I was not expecting it at all. I also did not expect Dobby to be trying to kill Harry. I was happy when Harry helped to free him. I also liked how the Burrow was portrayed. Ron’s family is the perfect mix of all types of families in one. The magical car was pretty cool. I did not like how they stole it to go to Hogwarts instead of contacting someone with an owl. The whomping willow was really good in the movie but was portrayed a little better in the movie. Gilderoy Lockhart was just plain annoying. I applaud J.K Rowling to achieve such annoyance in a character to make him really hateable just how the characters feel about him. 

The Ginny plot point was also really great. I did not expect her to be controlled by the diary to do all of the stuff Tom Riddle wanted her to do. The polyjuice potion part was pretty funny. In the movie too because of how it was shown. It was a really clever way to talk to Malfoy without being themselves. The Aragog part made the hair on my neck stand up. I despise spiders and the way they were portrayed in the movie was absolutely terrifying for my 8 year old self. 

The book also makes you feel remorse for the characters turned to stone. This final climax was so much better than the previous. The setting and the atual duel with the snake was just outstanding. It was much more grand in the movie, (I highly suggest watching the movie for this book) and the way Harry defeated the snake was so cool. 

Although I would have liked to see some consequences I see why not since this book is really early in the series. Overall 9.5/10. Would read again and watch the movie again.


Akshaj Mehta

Published on 1/12/19 - writetolead.com