Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a home run to adults and children alike. This is one of the few books I remember vividly reading as a child.
Vivid is a good way to describe this book in fact. The way Roald Dahl describes the characters and the actual factory is incredible. And seeing the movie doesn't hurt either :). 

He creates this world and these characters means so much in this world and they have incredible depth.  More noticeably the Grandpa which accompany Charlie and Charlie himself. The man himself Willy Wonka is a very vivid character. You can almost picture him every word he says. The other characters are no more than side characters for me. 

The story is very impressive and on a scale like no other. Some books try to be this way but this truly succeeds at it. 

I dont have much to say about this one other than the fact it's a incredible read and I highly recommend it. 


Akshaj Mehta