Story of the Month

The Land Of Fairia

Once long ago there was a land called Fairia.  Its trees were the finest and the flowers the most fragrant.  In the land elves lived with their joyful songs and wonderful food. Animals of all kinds lived there.  Some animals were mixed like the Turtish, a mix of a turtle and a fish.  But the leader of all of the land and everything in it was the Fairia.  They named the land after it.  The Fairia had the fluffiest white fur and dark black eyes.  It had wings and a tail with a ball of fluff at the end.  It was also very magical, able to do many things. It was not dangerous unless you got it mad.  When it got mad it grew bigger and it turned black.  Its eyes would fill with flame, its wings could blow anything yards away, and its cry would be deadly to the eardrums.  But usually it was normal with its power to heal and mend and do any other wonderful thing you could think of.  It didn’t have babies or any relatives.  The elves loved the creature dearly for many reasons, but the most important reason was because it had made the wonderful land they lived in. 

The elves had been attacked by the humans. The humans had learned about the elves and their magic and skill and wanted it, too.  When the elves would not share their skills, the humans, bearing guns and pitchforks and torches, invaded their homeland. The elves, smart and cunning, escaped, finding the Fairia in the woods.  The Fairia, caring for every sad creature in need, made a home for them with a barrier so no evil or harmful thing could enter.  How wonderful the lives of the elves were from then on.  They danced and sang and practiced their magical and non-magical skills.  A favorite non-magical art they practiced was archery, knowing that they needed to be ready for anything.  A weird thing about these elves was they were mostly men.  It was rare for girls to come about.  They usually only bloomed every dozen years and even then only one girl would bloom.  The elves came from giant flowers.  The boys SnapDragons and the girls Water Lilies. 

One day the elves were weaving baskets when the Fairia got mad.  Flames spread everywhere and they protected their ears from the cry.  Then the mad Fairia looked down at the suffering elves and creatures.  It looked down at the flames and destruction.  It saw the hard work being wasted.  It gave a final cry and was normal.  It waved its tail around in circling motion and the mess was gone and the injured uninjured and the baskets finished.  The elves went back to their merry making and some stroked the Fairia making it relaxed once again. 

The Fairia had gotten mad.  The elves didn’t know why but everything was fine so they thought that whatever had gotten the Fairia mad couldn’t have been that bad. But they didn’t know how wrong they were. 

They called them Snifflers.  These creatures could sniff out anything and steal anything. They could break into anything, too. They were gray with white speckled spots all over them except for their heads. Their eyes were usually gray too but with a spark in them as if a tiny candle flame had been lit.  They were neither bad or good.  But when they imprinted they stayed that way and would only listen to the one they imprinted on.  One day in the land of Fairia Sniffler babies were being born.  So, as they came from their mother they stumbled and plopped around.  They hadn’t imprinted yet!  So as the twelve little Snifflers plopped around they came by THE BUSH!  THE BUSH was the way to get out of Fairia.  They one by one stood up on their back legs.  They were in a line.  Then the twelfth one came bounding up and bumped into the others, sending them into the bush out of the borders.  The twelfth one sat there, then went back to his mother and imprinted.  The other eleven were out of Fairia and went to imprint. They saw some humans and decided to imprint on them.

The humans had found out everything about the Snifflers and they used them to find THE BUSH.  The eleven humans the Snifflers had imprinted on happened to be thugs from a nearby town. They were decently skilled at fighting but not as good as the elves.  One day they heard of the story of the battle and mysterious disappearance of the elves.  They thought about everything thinking that the elves were selfish and how much they could use their magic and skill.  Then they thought about the Snifflers.  Could they be a gift?  No, they thought.  The anger that had started was boiling getting bigger and bigger.  They wanted to make the elves pay for not sharing.  They made a plan and ordered the Snifflers to take them to the entrance to Fairia.

It was the cry of the horn that told everyone something was wrong. The animals hid.  The Fairia flew to its lookout perch.  Even the Fairia didn’t think the Snifflers were up to anything.  But when it spotted the humans it turned mad.  It remembered the suffering elves and all the pain the humans had caused.  It cried its most fierce cry and it grew and turned black.  The flame in its eyes was brighter than it had ever been.  The elves saw the humans and were scared.  They thought of the strange things they called guns.  They became scared and they thought that maybe they couldn’t stop them.  The bravest got their bows and swords of shining silver and gold.  Their hearts beating fast, they went over to the humans, their long white hair flying back and their arrows filling the sky.  Soon eight humans were down.  Only three to go, the elves thought not knowing those three were the bravest and strongest of their group.  The humans aimed their guns.  The elves aimed their bows.  Then the Fairia swooped down and grabbed the humans with its now huge paws. In surprise the humans dropped their guns. 

The strange thing about a mad Fairia is that it eats humans.  So it ate all the thugs and since no one knew about their venture to Fairia outside the borders the land was fine.  The news the next week was that eleven of the thugs had disappeared and that was all.  They couldn’t find any clues so they couldn’t find out about Fairia.  The Fairia was back to normal and had cleaned up the mess. It destroyed THE BUSH and was calm again.  Meanwhile the Snifflers imprinted on the Fairia and they were kind helpful creatures.

The land of Fairia was peaceful again and they hoped nothing from outside its borders would disturb their land again.


Published on 9/1/2019 -

Author: Ashley R. Grade 4