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The Haunted Cave

Stacy, Kim, Rick, and Tim were best friends. They did most things together and had many adventures. Most adventures were thrilling and lively. One of their adventures          (Rick’s personal favorite), was when they went into the sewers and found a crocodile's shadow but it was actually a rat. That night they had all come home soaked and laughing and their parents scolded them and told them to take a bath immediately. 

But they had bad ones, too. Their worst and last adventure was when they went into the…the... Well, it’s best you read on and find out.

It all started when their class bully Rondo was telling some kindergarteners that he had gone in old Mr. Tartsauce’s barn and came out without one cut, bruise, or broken bone which was impossible. The team was hearing this and got mad, but Tim took it too far. He walked up to Rondo and said, “You are lying! Stop! You are tricking these poor kids! We all know you don’t and never will have the courage to go into that barn!” Rondo glared then turned to the kids and said, “Kids don’t listen to him. I really did it! Here let me tell you about it...”

“Fine if you will continue to lie then I will go into the Haunted Cave with the team and take pictures to prove it!”  (The haunted cave was hidden deep in the forest and a million times spookier than old Mr. Tartsauce’s barn.)   

Kim pulled Tim aside and said,” Why are you making decisions for us! Did you ever think that maybe we don’t want to go over there and get eaten by Garglefups?!” 

Tim lost his anger and went pale realizing what he had done and what they had to do now so they didn’t look bad. Stacy (their leader) was glaring and smiling at Tim. Rick was pale with fear and red with anger. 

The bell rang and they separated to go to their homes. Stacy had said she would plan out their adventure to the Haunted Cave. They would go the next day because their parents had given them permission to hang out until 10:00pm. 

The next day they met after school at the park.  The group was shivering except for Stacy. 

“Ok guys the plan is to go through the REALLY spooky opening. You know the one with the spider webs and the broken danger strips. Anyway, we will take the first picture in front of the opening and then the second of some of us going in. We can take more pictures inside and all but I really am excited to explore! Imagine we could find treasure or a mummy!” 

The team looked at her like she was crazy. 

Kim said,” You want us to go through the scariest opening! And you want us to go inside! Why can’t we just take the picture in front of it and leave then pretend we went inside?” 

“Sorry Kim, but even if you guys don’t go exploring I will, and you can’t stop me.” So the team decided they couldn’t reason with Stacy and her adventurous attitude and that they couldn’t just leave her behind. 

They went through the park, past the light post and bench, and deep into the forest. Finally, they were there. The team looked at the piles of dried leaves and spiderwebs. They looked at the plastic danger strips that were on the ground and on the opening. They looked at the darkness and wondered what was there and what would happen if they went inside. They knew it must be worse than Mr. Tartsauce’s barn, so the only thing they could think of was death by Garglefup. 

But strangely Stacy was beaming and walked over to the opening to inspect it and take everything in. 

“Yes! This is THE spookiest place ever!” she proclaimed and smiled. 

“I don’t think I feel as good about that as you,” said Tim.

“Well, you were the one who made us have to do it!” said Kim, rolling her eyes.

Tim frowned as a heavy sheet of guilt fell upon him. It was HIM who made this happen. It was HIM who made himself and the team do the last thing they’d ever want to do. HIM. HIS fault. He sighed and walked up next to Stacy. 

“When do we go in?” 

“Now,” she replied and jumped in. 

They heard a scream and a, “HELP!” then silence. Then out of the darkness Stacy jumped out and said,”BOOOOOOO!” and the team screamed and ran behind a tree.

“A zombie!  She turned into a…” Stacy was on the floor laughing, and Tim jumped out from where he was hiding behind the tree and said, “THAT’S NOT FUNNY!”  You see, Tim had a crush on Stacy even if she went too far on adventures. He was so worried when she had jumped in there on her own and even more so when he had heard the scream. He walked over to Stacy and said, “That’s not funny. I was worried. Please don’t do that ever again.” Stacy stopped laughing and hugged Tim. 

“I’ll try not to worry you again.” Then she said,” Come on team, the first picture.” They took a picture then Stacy said,” Let’s go.”

As they crept through the low opening their hearts pounded and threatened to burst out with fear. Tim stayed close to Stacy to make sure nothing bad that was real happened to her.  Stacy turned her flashlight to shine upon a large animal skull. They all yelped except for Stacy. 

“I wonder what type of animal this is. Do any of you guys have a clue?” The others looked at her like she was crazy and went on. They passed many more skeletons and not all were animals. The team was getting scared. 

“Why don’t we just take a bunch of pictures of the skeletons and us in the cave then go back out? Soon we might get lost and if there are turns we will never remember them all.” said Tim. 

Stacy kissed him on the cheek and said,” Be a brave warrior and follow your queen!” Dazed, Tim followed Stacy and the rest of the team followed reluctantly. 

They soon came to a fork just like Tim had said they might. Stacy reassured him by taking a picture of him standing in the right one and drew an arrow in the dirt. They went on and they started to hear moans. Ghostly moans.


Then a creepy noise like this: “WWHOOOOHAHAHAWHHAEEEEEEKWHOOO!” 

“LET’S GET OUT NOW!” yelped Tim

“Oh Tim, you're so funny! Ghosts and goblins aren’t real!”

“Kim, please make her listen, she’s your sister!”

“Sorry, you just can’t reason with Stacy Dexterson.”

“Rick, have any ideas?”

“What? You talking to me? You know this place is giving me chills.”

“Guys, I’m seeing more and more skulls and skeletons. I’m starting to wonder what you know made them...”

“Yeah, she’s right.”

“SHUT UP ALL OF YOU! We are going out of this cave NOW!” 

They looked at Tim. 

“Sorry, but you can go Tim, but I’m not. I’m going to answer Kim’s question.”

“NO! You could turn into a skeleton, too!”

“Oh, stop being such a baby!”

Tim just glared. Stacy walked on and then they heard a growl. 

“What if it’s the Garglefup?”

“The bone crushing..”

“Evil conjuring..”

“Blood thirsty..”


“Ok little Timmy wimpy.”

“Shhh, that could be the Garglefup you know guys. It would explain all those skulls and stuff…”

“But guys it couldn’t be. The name sounds ridiculous and fake it’s probably just a myth...”

Then Kim started to cry and Stacy went over and hugged her then gave the team the stink eye. 

They heard a loud burp. 

Terrified, they kept walking and walking until they saw light. 

There was a burp, then a growl, then a puff of smoke! 

Then out stepped the Garglefup.

There it was glowing in the dark. 

It was a baby and it was adorable. It was green and had little fangs. It also had webbed ears and the cutest stare. They stared, mesmerized, at the glowing harmless creature until...its harmless mom came. 

The team said, “AWWWWW!” then stopped to think about the bones. Then they ran like the wind out of the cave. The Garglefups looked confused. They happily returned back to their feast of vegetables and berries. 


Published on 10/24/19 -

Author: Ashely R.