Story of the Month

The Power Of Writing

Far, far away in another universe there lived a girl. Her name was Karina. From her long silver hair and pretty purple eyes to her knee-high boots she was just a normal girl. Well, normal for her world. She lived in a littered, dirty, and crowded world. It was filled with trash and grime and was dark and gloomy. For a growing teenager life was dull, but sometimes she would have an adventure and explore.  Her parents had died from a disease called the Phantom’s Curse. It was rare and made your lungs smaller; they died from lack of air. Karina’s heart was filled with sorrow that day and her life would never be the same again.  She was sad, but felt in her heart that something great was going to happen to her.   

One day she traveled farther than she had ever traveled. She saw a bright light and a voice rang out, “Are you Karina Star from the world of Death and Dirt?” As Karina said, “Yes”, the light exploded, sending her flying backwards.  She got knocked out and when she woke up the sun was shining and there was a nice breeze.  The air smelled of flowers.  That was not normal for her world.  She saw mansions, trees, and waterfalls.  She turned around and saw… herself?  What?  “I must be in the future”, she thought.  She watched herself create a feather pen out of thin air and in golden letters write in the air “Watermelon”, and a watermelon appeared on the ground. The future Karina saw the present Karina and said, “How can this be true?!” Present Karina said, “How did you do that?” Future Karina taught present Karina how to use the power of writing.  She told present Karina to make her world better by using the power. Then she made a portal by using the power or writing, and Karina went back to her own time. She stood there in her time, created the pen, and wrote, “Make this world a world of life and love.” She watched as trees and flowers formed everywhere making the perfect world.

Once the people of that world found out it was Karina who made it all happen they made her the queen of that world.  She kept improving and making the world a world a better place with the power of writing.


Published on 6/15/2019 -

Author: Ashley R. Grade 4