My name is Akshaj Mehta and I am 13 years old.
I am very passionate about reading and writing. And it’s this passion that I’d like to pass on to other kids and provide them with an opportunity to share their voices and creative writing through is a safe and positive platform for kids 8years–16years who are rising Story Tellers, Movie Critiques, Article Writers looking to express themselves.

 I am sure we all agree that writing is a magical medium through which we communicate, connect and can be creative. I have been fortunate enough to have my Books, Articles and Stories published on various websites and newspapers across USA and India. I wanted to give that same feeling of pride and confidence to other kids. I want to encourage budding Story Tellers, Movie Critiques and Article Writers to share their work on



In this section you will find informative articles on the subjects of Science, Technology, and Wildlife.



This section contains riveting stories which themes are Science Fiction, and Fiction. 

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Hi there! My name is Akshaj Mehta and I am a middle school student at Np3. I am  very passionate about reading and writing.

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